Discover the Volvo XC60 Technology

The Volvo XC60 SUV is popular for its luxury and style. The vehicles are also loaded with technological features that increase the safety factor and provide entertainment. The newest models are on display in our Volvo showroom for exploration.

Potential owners have the option of choosing a central display that measures anywhere from eight to 12.3 inches. The display works in tandem with the 360-degree camera that provides a clear view of all the areas around the XC60. The driver also has the convenience of a heads-up display on the windshield that features the vehicle speed, temperature and other pertinent information.

Sensors also alert drivers to dangers when changing lanes and offer parking assistance. Select your favorite music to play on the premium sound system. Link a smartphone and choose a playlist or listen to the radio. Get navigation instructions or play other apps. You must see the XC60 in person to appreciate all of the vehicle's amenities. Drive one at Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas today.



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