The Volvo line of vehicles is well known and appreciated for its long-standing devotion to occupant safety. The 2019 XC40 crossover SUV keeps up this important tradition with its addition of many injury preventing interior technologies. Some technologies on this list include head supports, energy dissipating furnishings, and specialized curtain airbags.

High speed impacts can do a number on the heads and necks of vehicle occupants, but the 2019 Volvo XC40 crossover SUV helps to prevent whiplash injuries with its head restraint system. These restraints are adjustable, allowing them to serve people of various sizes. Head restraint positions include middle seat coverage and support for outer head areas.

In addition to such technologies, the Volvo XC40 interior is itself a safety feature. The experts at Volvo use special padding on interior surfaces in order to greatly reduce the likelihood of occupant injury.

Another safety system that supports the padded interior is the curtain airbag coverage. XC40 inflatable curtain airbag technology offers expanded protection for the upper bodies and heads of side-positioned passengers, and it also maintains its inflation levels after serious impacts in order to offer extra protection.



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