Thorough knowledge of your vehicle's interior tech can transform your ride into a mobile office, personal assistant and source of inspiration. Central to every on-trend auto tech package is the infotainment system, your new best AI friend. Here's a basic rundown.

What Exactly is Infotainment?

Infotainment is your ride's information and entertainment hub, typically situated in-dash and accessible by voice command, touchscreen and/or discreet steering wheel controls. The system displays maps, your ride's backup camera and plays music.

Running on operating platforms like Android, Linux, and QNX, infotainment systems interface with your mobile devices via USB or Bluetooth, letting you tap into your device's music, audiobooks, and other apps. Most systems also let you enjoy more standard infotainment apps, such as Spotify, The Weather Channel and Pandora.

Celebrity Infotainment Systems

If you drive a Ford or a Toyota, you're already using an infotainment system. Called Sync and UConnect, respectively, each system puts vital access to exclusive content, news, music, sports, navigation, and entertainment at your fingertips for more smooth, enjoyable daily commutes through Las Vegas, NV and/or during weekend excursions. Experience what's new in infotainment systems today. Swing by Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas for a quick test drive.

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