If your fuel pump goes out, guess where you're going. That's right; you're on a trip to nowhere. But how do you know if your fuel pump is going out? At Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV, we know that there are several ways that you can tell that your fuel pump is going bad, and we're happy to tell you a little bit more about a couple of them.

When the fuel pump motor is putting forth irregular resistance, you'll get a surge of power sometimes. Basically, you'll feel the car surge forward as though you had depressed the gas pedal even though you haven't.

Another sign of a faulty fuel pump is when you have a complete loss of power at high speeds or when going up a hill. The fuel pump can't keep up with the fuel demands, so until it can, your engine won't have any fuel to work with, resulting in a loss of power.

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