The Volvo XC90 is chock-full of safety features that you need to know about for comparison purposes to other vehicles. There are things like the lane assist feature. This means that if you manage to drift into another lane, you can be pulled back into the lane that you are supposed to be in.

There are other nice features such as blind-spot monitoring that can help keep the driver of the Volvo XC90 safe while on the road. We all have a blind spot while we are driving, and it is nice to eliminate that as much as possible with the blind-spot monitoring.

There are multiple airbags on the Volvo XC90 as well, and this helps keep things a bit when the vehicle is in an accident. Protecting from all of the various angles at the same time means that there is less of a chance of someone getting thrown around the vehicle dangerously. This and so much more make the Volvo XC90 stand out.

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