We understand you want top dollar for your trade, who wouldn't want to make a profit? 

At Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas we believe in complete transparency, that's why we take a market based approach when we appraise and price our pre-owned vehicles. We look at all of the data from auction value and reconditioning to retail market value and give you a competitive price so you don't leave any money on the table.
Why do we want your car?
  • Our pre-owned inventory has been depleted because of a recent spike in sales, so we need more used cars!
  • Our customers want locally-owned vehicles with low miles that have been well maintained.
  • Our best source for high-quality pre-owned cars is you!

 What are the potential benefits of selling your current car for a different one?
  • Lower maintenance costs on a new car
  • Longer and more comprehensive warranties on a new car
  • Lower fuel costs and higher miles per gallon on the latest models
  • Increased safety with the latest technology in a new car
  • New Features like bluetooth, navigation, backup camera, blind-spot monitoring, keyless entry and many more that you may not already have
No obligations
There are absolutely no obligations to sell us your vehicle once an offer has been made. Our offers are not contingent upon you purchasing a vehicle from us.

The appraisal is completely free
Once you receive your offer, the decision is yours. You are not obligated to sell it to us. There are no fees or costs whatsoever for this service.

Our extensive inventory of New and Used cars, trucks and SUVs so you'll have plenty of choices for a new car when you sell us your old one.  The written offer you receive on your used car can be applied towards the purchase of your next vehicle.

Please note: all quotes are estimates contingent upon final inspection of vehicle.