How to return your Volvo lease


Leasing a Volvo car or SUV is a great option for many of our Las Vegas, NV area drivers. When you lease, you not only receive the newest Volvo vehicle of your choice, but you also have the option to trade it in for a brand-new lease after your original lease ends.

Once you have enjoyed your Volvo vehicle for the length of your leasing term, you'll need to begin the lease return process. How does it work?

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Volvo Lease Return Timeline

There are certain steps you will have to perform before the end of your lease. We recommend following the Volvo brand end of lease timeline to return your lease easily.

90 - 180 Days: Research

Three to six months before your lease expires, you'll want to start considering your lease-end options.

Choose whether your current model and trim level is the right fit. Perhaps you'd like to switch it up to a different Volvo model, hybrid or all electric? Or if you'd prefer, you have the option to keep your current Volvo! We'll walk you through each of the steps to new ownership whether it's a lease or purchase.

It's also a great time to see how you're doing on mileage. To determine this, you'll need to know how many miles you've agreed to on your contract. If you're cutting it close, let's chat sooner rather than later. We can explore taking your Volvo in on trade or see if we have an exclusive Volvo Pull Ahead program you may qualify for. Need help figuring it out? No problem, we can assist in making sure you're aware of all your options.

60 Days: Inspection

Around the two-month mark, VIN Auto will contact you to set up a complimentary vehicle inspection. You can use this inspection to determine any excess wear and see if your Volvo lease needs any repairs or maintenance. This appointment can be accomplished at our Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas dealership or your home or office. If your Volvo needs attention before turn in, let's talk about what solutions we can source for you.

30 Days: Turn-In Appointment

About a month before your lease ends, you'll need to contact our Volvo dealership to schedule your turn-in appointment.

What do you need when you return your Volvo lease? You'll want to make sure you bring all key fobs, the owner's manual, the spare tire or tire sealant kit, and anything else that was given to you at the beginning of your Volvo lease. License plates, personal items including your service receipts stay with you.

End: What Happens at the End of Your Lease?

The process of turning in your Volvo is typically less than 15 minutes and most of the time it's handled when picking up your new car. In fact, we even take returned leases that weren't originally from our store.

We'll photograph your VIN and Odometer and you'll sign an odometer statement and verify the number of key's we've collected. That's it! We don't collect any payments related to your turned in lease. After you turn in your Volvo vehicle, you will receive a statement for charges or fees accumulated on your lease, such as wear and tear charges or disposition fees. Make sure you remember to remove auto-pay from your banking institution or Volvo Cars Financial Services Account.

Contact Findlay Volvo Cars Las Vegas With Any End-Of-Lease Questions

Questions or concerns about the lease end process? Contact us directly or take the short drive to our Las Vegas, NV dealership to visit with us. We can help you take care of the end of your lease.

Learn more by talking with our team today!

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